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Women and Family

Can a woman join the military and fight Jihaad?
What is the ruling on a woman being a soldier in the military?

What to say when a child sneezes
The child is taught to praise Allaah (when they sneeze) from the standpoint of education.

Woman requesting husband to take second wife
A woman asks: Is it permissible for her to seek from her husband that he take a second wife?

Keep your homes clean and organised
When the husband and the children return from their jobs and studies tired, and they find a home organised and clean it will lessen their stress and their load.

My wife or my mother, which one should I take for Hajj?
It is befitting that you make Hajj with your mother and delay the Hajj with your wife.

Clapping is for the women
Clapping is for women, and not for the men, neither in the Salaat, nor other than it.

The high divorce rate: its causes and its cures
What is the main reason during our current time for the high rate of divorce among some of the people?

I can’t wake my children up for Fajr prayer!
It is incumbent that they get sufficient sleep during the night so that they can awake refreshed for Fajr prayer.

Placing parents in a rest home
Disrespecting the parents has become widespread during this time, the hearts have hardened.

Misyaar marriage
What is the Islaamic verdict concerning it?

Should guardian scrutinise suitor or just trust in Allaah?
A person has daughters, should he scrutinise the suitor or just put his trust in Allaah?

Delaying the shower after intimacy
It is the Sunnah and it is better that you take the ritual shower before sleeping.

Advice to women
The women are responsible just as the men, in general.

Dealing with relatives who are upon innovation
How do you interact with the people of innovation if they are from kinsfolk and near relatives?

Refusing to marry a man who shaves
What is the ruling on my refusal to marry a man who shaves his beard?

Hiring a woman to play the duff
What is the ruling on hiring a woman to beat the duff?

Western plot against the Muslim woman
Where is your protection of the women?! Why do you leave her for the ravenous hungry wolves?!

Women’s tight clothes around relatives or other women
What is the ruling on the women wearing tight clothing in front of the woman’s relatives?

Daughters more difficult to raise than boys today
The daughters today have become more difficult than the boys because they have started to go out to the schools, and go to the jobs and to the businesses.

Men wearing tight clothes
Allaah has cursed the men who resemble the women. Does this include the men who wear tight clothes, and some of the clothes worn by the youth?

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