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Praying behind Imaam who permits music
Is it permissible to pray behind the one who says music is permissible?

Recitation in Friday prayer coinciding with the topic of the sermon
What is the ruling on reciting verses which appropriately fit the topic of the sermon?

I can’t wake my children up for Fajr prayer!
It is incumbent that they get sufficient sleep during the night so that they can awake refreshed for Fajr prayer.

Prayer during dialysis
It is not permissible for him to pray during dialysis, because he does not have wudoo.

Sunnahs are to be prayed after the dhikr
It is prohibited to connect a prayer to another prayer without separating them with speech or moving to another spot.

Wearing dirty clothes is not from humility
Beautify yourself with what you are able to from adornment; in recognition of the prayer, and exalting the standing before your Lord.

Should I recite aloud when completing my prayer?
The person who misses a rakat from the Fajr prayer, or three rakat from Magrib or Isha prayer, should he recite aloud while making these rakat up?

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