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Placing donation boxes in the masjid
What is the ruling on placing donation boxes inside the masjid in order to collect money to cover the Masjid's bills?

Ruling on cursing Israel
The problem is that some people supplicate for Allaah to curse Israaeel. Meaning, they are cursing Ya’qoob     (عليه السلام).

Should I shave my beard to join the military?
Should I obey them in shaving my beard?

Time limit for dream interpretation
There are some dream interpreters who restrict the time by hours or minutes.

Are Jews and Christians today considered people of the book?
Yes, they are the people of the Book in every time.

The devil didn’t make you do it
Is it legislated to curse Satan or to seek refuge from him?

White lies vs. black lies
Is there such thing as white lies and black lies?

Installing a satellite dish to watch the news
What is the ruling on the person who installs a satellite dish in his home just for the news?

Is it permissible for teacher to accept gifts from students?
It is not permissible for the teacher to accept a gift from the students if he receives a salary.

Performing ruqyah over the phone
Is it correct to perform Ruqyah upon the people via the telephone?

Work for your worldly affairs as though you will live forever...
Work for your Duniya as though you will live forever, and work for your hereafter as though you will die tomorrow!

Why Sphinx was not demolished when Muslims entered Egypt
What was the position of the Companions during the time of Umar (رضي الله عنهم), concerning the statues and monuments present in Egypt during this present time?

Knowing if your deeds have been accepted
What are the signs that a deed has been accepted by Allaah?

Refutation of doubt that Shaykh 'Abdil-Wahhaab made takfeer of Muslims
Who are the Muslims who the Shaykh declared to be kuffar? Clarify to us!

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