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Can I donate one of my kidneys to my brother?

Wearing dirty clothes is not from humility

Hiring a woman to play the duff

Is it permissible for teacher to accept gifts from students?

Should we try to suffocate and beat the Jinn out of him?

Whoever does not warn against bid’ah is not a Da’ee

Seeking a cure from illness does not negate patience

His nourishment was the remembrance of Allaah

Collecting and clarifying the mistakes of some Duaat

Worrying about the future

Performing ruqyah over the phone

Work for your worldly affairs as though you will live forever...

Western plot against the Muslim woman

Why Sphinx was not demolished when Muslims entered Egypt

Advice to students of knowledge

Are scholars in latter days better than some Companions?

Women’s tight clothes around relatives or other women

Can I backbite if I don’t mention their name?

Danger of rumours in Islaamic legislation

Should I recite aloud when completing my prayer?

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