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Soofism is not from Islaam

Who are the Qur’aanists? (Qur’aaniyoon)

Scholars are not infallible so we don’t take from them

Is using the loudspeaker in the Masjid a bida?

Criticising the innovator divides the Muslim Ummah

Time limit for dream interpretation

I can’t wake my children up for Fajr prayer!

People will enter Paradise with hearts like birds

Are Jews and Christians today considered people of the book?

The errors of the scholar and those of the daa’ee

Placing parents in a rest home

Protecting the innovator is betrayal against the Muslims

Misyaar marriage

Prayer during dialysis

Does Vaseline invalidate wudoo?

Is saying jazaakaallaahu khairun sufficient for thanking someone?

Should guardian scrutinise suitor or just trust in Allaah?

Delaying the shower after intimacy

Reasons for increase in mental illnesses today

Placing glue on the torn pages of the Mus_haf

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